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Jan 23rd, 2018, 7:24pm

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xx Cattle mutilations
« Thread started on: Feb 7th, 2008, 11:56pm »

The below is an interview I did for Taps Paramag (sorry April) on the cattle mutilation topic.

Below please find my questions:

1. What is your occupation? Where does your knowledge of unexplained animal mutilations come from?

Currently Production Artist,
My knowledge of animal mutilations comes from several sources, Personal contacts with Paranormal investigators and researchers, books relating to the subject, of coarse the internet, and I have personally seen two mutilated animals, a cow and a rabbit.

2. How many years have you been following this phenomena?

8 years

3. Many possible explanations have been put forth to explain cases of animal mutilation-from the natural processes involved in death, to the work of carrion-feeding insects such as blowflies, to extraterrestrial experimentation. In your opinion, what-or who-is causing these bizarre mutilations?

Thats a hard one, due to the fact that all mutilations are not the same, that is, carried out in the same manner. It most likely is a combination of extraterrestrial, black ops government, military and other.

4. Perhaps the most popular belief is that the government is behind these mutilations-do you believe that the government is somehow involved?

Yes, even if it is just to cover up the reality of the phenomenon.

5. Have you ever personally witnessed a case of animal mutilation such as the ones reported on your website?

Yes, first one was back in 1999 bowhunting in currant creek, UT, I stumbled upon a mutilated cow. It was missing an ear its teats and rectum and of coarse its blood. Second was a Half Rabbit found at Crystal Lake, Utah August 2002, It showed no evidence of a predatory kill, no blood was found in/on the animal or on the ground, cut was clean & straight, very precise , also no insects were noticed, flies, maggots, etc. even though it was mid summer. (picture posted at

6. Would you say that the majority of animal mutilation cases involve cattle? Or, in your research, do these mutilations seem to happen among other domestic animals as well?

I would say that the majority does involve cattle, (due to reasons I'll explain later) but the phenomenon includes everything from cattle, horses, etc. to domestic animals like dogs and cats and even wild animals like deer, elk, rabbits, etc. the list is long. It even includes humans.

7. Is there anything else relevant to this topic that you would like to add?

Yes, First I would like to note that in over 60+ years of documented cases no one has ever been caught, convicted or charged with mutilating an animal (cattle).

Like I stated before the cases vary in many ways, Such as:

-what is taken from the animal, (reproductive organs, eyes, ear tags, blood, etc.)
-the condition of the animal (alive - dead, broken legs from being dropped, substances & traces found in animal, age, health, location, number, etc.)
-sightings of black helicopters, UFOs, strange creatures, etc. in the area just before, after or during the mutilation.
-bounce marks on the ground, lack of tracks around the animal, Predator animals and even insects won't touch the "mute" animal.
-etc. etc. etc.

but one thing is reported in every case, "the total lack of blood" in, on or around the animal.

Now, lets touch on that important fact.
The blood is taken from every animal. In a very precise and controlled way. In some cases the blood cells are even removed from the muscle tissue.
I used to hunt deer & elk, the amount of blood present from a bullet or arrow wound is great. Not to mention the amount that is present after dressing the animal. Now imagine, a 300+ pound animal totally devoid of blood, none on the hair, none in the wounds, not a drop on the ground. Startling if not shocking to see. Extremely difficult if not impossible to perform with conventional technology. It seems that these animals are being harvested mainly for the blood. why?...

Well ... did you know that we humans can use bovine blood in our bodies in an emergency? That the only thing closer to human blood than bovine blood is sea water?
This leads us to believe that, whoever or what ever is responsible for the mutilations are studying us, the enviorment, the effects of Mad cow prions, etc. Some call it "The Human Monitoring Project". others.. "Population Control" .

What we do know is what it is not , predators, satanic rituals, blowflies or natural processes.

The mainstream media always tends to lean towards one of these directions or explanations as a cause. Take the disturbing Cat Mutilations that have occurred here in Utah for example, Half cats devoid of blood, surgical cuts, etc. placed back on the owners property. The Media explained this away as the work of a red fox. huh? What the #*?!... Do they think we're stupid? predators rarely leave half of its prey behind, And what predator drains its blood leaving none on the ground, and uses a scalpel? The red fox scenario just doesn't fit the crime.

This is the direction my research has lead me... Whether it be aliens, the cabal, the military, or some deep black government agency, some sort of worldwide, long term scientific study is being performed by the harvesting of these animals.
And that leads us to more questions. My research continues....

for more on Utah Cattle Mutilations see

Dave Rosenfeld - a.k.a. Aliendave
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xx Re: Cattle mutilations
« Reply #1 on: Feb 8th, 2008, 8:49pm »

Ha ha no worries Dave smiley I can share you with other people at the mag every once in awhile...

I still get exclusives with you on other stuff! So I am a happy girl..

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xx Re: Cattle mutilations
« Reply #2 on: Nov 1st, 2012, 10:38pm »

The Greys are mostly responsible for the animal mutilations. Their race is dying off and they are desparate to find a way to stave off extinction. Also they are montering our food supply. They are trying to kill us off by contaminating our food. Genocide is nothing new for the Dark Side, just look at the Chem Trails that are over our very heads every day for the past 8 years at least. The Black part of the US Gov't is also involved. New diseases have come about to kill us off. Aids, Eboli and West Nile Virus are created in gov't labs to deplete the surplus population of humans on this planet. They want to murder the US Population because we are the only people still standing in the way of the New World Order. We are only 5% of the worlds population. Stop giving your money to Cancer research it is a waist of time. They have cures but they hide this fact. Our world is run and operated much diferently than what you have been taught. Read DAVID ICKE and Wake Up.
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